About Us

About Us

Liquid PXL is a group of artists and engineers dedicated to creating fun and interactive environments. As large interactive art projects have become a staple in many music and arts festivals, Liquid PXL seeks to create environments where observers become participants through passive and active roles. This is achieved by a combination of technologies, physical interactions and a 3 dimensional landscape.

For any inquiries please email us at design@liquidpxl.com or call us at 310.612.7926.

Our Team

  • Mike Wong
    Mike Wong
    Industrial Engineer

    Mike Wong is a design engineer from Park City who focuses on eco-centric, collaborative ventures that usually involve social change.

  • Dylan Cummings
    Dylan Cummings
    Technical Engineer

    Dylan Cummings, technical and mechanical artist from Santa Barbara, draws from a variety of mechanical engineering dicisplines.

  • Abram Santa Cruz
    Abram Santa Cruz
    Lead Artist

    Abram’s work draws from his many years as a graphic designer, photographer and painter. By combining photography with painting and lighting, Abram has created works that are bold, bright, yet intense.

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