The sea urchins spines light up with multicolored LED lights at night.

The Aquarium unveiled a new art installation on its front plaza on November 27. The massive sculpture of a sea urchin with spines that light up at night was created by a group of artists and engineers called Liquid PXL, led by lead artist and local resident Abram Santa Cruz. One of the members is a volunteer diver at the Aquarium and was inspired by the Aquarium’s animals to create the sculpture.

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“Kukulkan’s Portal,” by American artist Abram Santa Cruz, is made up of a giant acrylic merkaba (a Hebrew symbol consisting of two intersecting tetrahedrons) enclosed in an aluminum frame. It’s full of spiritual references: the merkaba represents a higher consciousness, and the design references Kukulkan, the Mayan serpent to be the portal between the physical and spiritual worlds:

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