Electric Dandelions

Life is Beautiful Music Festival 2019

Electric Dandelions

Toronto Light Festival 2019


The Electric Dandelions are giant steel and acrylic sculptures that represent a dandelion flower during the day and come to life at night as an endless firework display.

The 28 ft tall dandelion sculptures have a beautiful and elegant design to them. Their spherical shape is attributed to the geodesic sphere that lies at the heart of the Dandelion. Forty one light tubes crop out from the vertices. At Night, the geometric dandelion sculptures come to life at night as the LED animations take hold and mesmerize you with their bright and intense endless firework display.

Contact Abram Santa Cruz @ 310.612.7926 if you would like to inquire about leasing or purchase options.

Technical Specs

Footprint: 6’ x 6’ at base
Dimensions: Sphere is 15ft diameter
Height: 28 ft tall for large
Electrical Draw: 400 watts each
Weight: 500 lbs Each
Heavy Equipment Required: No
Other Notes: Needs 800 lbs of weights
or lag bolts to secure the base to the ground.

Past and Current Exhibits

2020 Silicon Valley Tech Conference (March)
2020 Lucidity (April)
2019 Life Is Beautiful Music Festival
2019 Jerusalem Festival of Lights
2019 Toronto Light Festival
2018 LYFT Vegas Art Park (permanent)
2018 Burning Man
2018 San Francisco Exploratorium
2018 Toronto Light Festival
2017 Burning Man
2017 Venice Beach Afterburn
2017 Reno Art Park
2017 Northern Nights Music Festival
2016 Joshua Tree Music Festival
2016 Burning Man
2016 Lucidity

TEL +1 310.612.7926

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