The Peace Wall

The Peace Wall

The Peace Wall

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A 2012-2013 Burning Man art project in coordination and sponsored by The Peace Project.

The Peace Wall - Night - Burning Man Art Installation

The Peace Wall at Night

Most walls are built to keep people apart from each other. The Peace Wall was built to bring people together. The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth. In the peace wall it represents a catalyst and the cycle of peace. Come join us and celebrate peace in song and dance.

The Peace Wall is a half-circle, 50 ft. in diameter and 8 ft. tall. The walls will be constructed entirely of Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets, each 4 ft. wide and 8 ft. tall. On the ‘inside wall’, I will make an original painting and design that will span the entire 80ft section. Please take a look at my website for what my back-lit art pieces look like.

The Multiwall sheets are milk white and translucent which diffuse light evenly. The light will pass through the translucent walls illuminating the art work to create some amazing visual affects.

From the outside the Peace Wall will look like a giant wall of changing color.

The Peace Wall - Panorama - Day - Burning Man Art Project

Peace Wall During the Day

The Interactive Element

There will be also be an interactive sound element that will effect the lighting of the entire piece. The Peace Wall will react to the dance music of passing Art Cars, transforming it into an impressive light show. The lighting design will be controlled by the ChipKit Uno32 (Arduino) device through a graphical interface on an iPad. Microphones will be set up inside of the wall that with a certain combination of words will make the wall illuminate with a light scheme.

The Social Benefit

This wall is partially being sponsored by The Peace Project for raising awareness towards the crisis in Sierra Leone. The Peace Project is a fundraising campaign that continues to open the door to a different way to create change — one that promotes greater equality between donors and recipients.

Make Peace is also a social campaign — in addition to raising money, they’ll be engaging people worldwide in a dialogue about what “makes peace” starting right in Sierra Leone.

I portion of the proceeds from this kickstarted and the sales of my artwork through the Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City go towards the Peace Project.

Funds Raised

We started off with a total budget of $7,000. So far, we have internally raised $2,500 and I sold one art piece through the Whole 9 which contributed another $500 towards the project.

We successfully raised an additional $4,000 to bring this project to it’s full completion and voyage to Burning Man.

The Crew

This art project was built as a collaborative effort and the blood, sweat and tears of: 

Abram Santa Cruz – Conceptual Lead Artist
Chris Armas – Helping Hand/Builder
Dylan Cummings – LED Technical Designer/Donating Contributor
Graham Trafford – Helping Hand/Builder
Jensen Oliver Moon – Helping Hand/Builder
Kari Jahner – Helping Hand/Builder/Donating Contributor
Keddins Etienne – DJ/Builder/Donating Contributor
Michelle Clancy – Hand/Builder/Donating Contributor
Mike Wong – Structural Engineer
Nina Quiros – Donating Contributor/Helping Hand
Shiloh Uhlir – Donating Contributor/Helping Hand
Todd Giles – Coordinating Technical Advisor

 It couldn’t have been built without you guys. Much Love!!! 

How Will The Wall Be Constructed?

The Peace Wall, Buring Man 2012



The Peace Wall, Buring Man 2012

Top View

The Peace Wall Structure

Structural Support


Electronic Schematic

Electronic Schematic

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