The Merkabah Effect

The Merkabah Effect

The Merkabah Effect

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A proposed 2018 interactive art project.

The Merkabah Affect will be composed of two geometric designs. An acrylic merkaba (stellated octahedron). A Tier 2 or 3 proposal would include a wodden cube frame to show the geometric relationship between the merkabah and the cube. The project will be 16ft cubed when finished and will contain 4,100 individually programmable LED’s. Participants will be able to manipulate the lights through mediation.

Physical Description

Standing at 16ft cubed, the Merkaba Effect will be an impressive piece. The merkaba will be entirely constructed of translucent lexan multi-wall sheets encased in industrial strength resins. The idea is to make the merkaba look like a giant red-marble crystal. After we construct the individual triangles, we’ll coat the surfaces with a resin-paint mixture to get the marble affect. The “back” of the triangles will be lined with LEDs facing forward so that the entire merkaba will glow.


The cube will be made of wood or aluminum depending on the funding goals reached. Again, the cube will lined with LEDs and will be controlled separately from the merkaba.

The project will be made “climbable” for strength and durability, however, because of the angles of where people might be able to climb to the top, we feel that this would be unsafe for the general public. So the intent will be to build a meditation platform within the project and to direct the flow of traffic from climbing on the project itself. We specified funding levels for this in our proposal. Depending on the funding we receive will depend on the elaborate nature of the medication platforms.

Ideally, we would like to stand or suspend with project from a point. Teir 3 funding level would make this feasible and safe with two meditation platforms. At full height, the project on it’s point would stand 24ft tall.

Tier 3

The Interactive Design

Polyhedra will be lined with 4,100 programmable LEDs. The lights will be embedded within the acrylic layers of the merkaba. The wooden cube will be lined with strands of LEDs and will operate on a separate interactive system.

On Teir 1 funding, we will have a motion and interactive detection system to animate the lighting design and it will also be sound reactive.

On Teir 2 funding, we will have a meditation platform that will have a mind control interactive detection system to animate the lighting design and it will also be sound reactive.

On Teir 3 funding, we will have two meditation platforms that will have a mind control interactive detection systems to animate the lighting design and it will also be sound reactive.

Participants will also be able to sit inside the project and move through the project to appreciate the elegance of the geometric relationships from within.

Please follow the link below of how we were able to make our last project sound reactive.

We'll also be building a custom DJ Booth at Burning Man at our camp. Camp Zazen @ 4:30 & D. Come join us at one of our party's.

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Build Plan

List of crew members already committed to the project:
Carpenter – He’s worked on making my frames for my other artwork.
Structural Engineer – We’ve worked together on the last two art projects.
Mechanical Engineer – We’ve worked together on the last two art projects
General Contractor – We’ve worked together on the last art project.
Myself – Lead Artist

In need of:
Mold Maker – To make a mold for casting the triangles in the merkaba. Will be the first time helping on my art project.

Assembly Crew:
We have an additional crew of 8 ready to help build the project on site.

Total crew of 12 is required on the playa for a 2-3 day assembly and another 1-2 days at camp.




Tier 1 | $15,833.80 – 16ft Cube Flat on Ground – No Meditation Platform, Instead mediation cushions on the ground inside of the project.

Tier 2 | $19,492.60 – 16ft Cube Flat on Ground – With Meditation Platform

Tier 3 | $22,078.60 – 16ft Cube on a Point – With Meditation Platforms

With the Peace Wall, I was able to raise 100% of the $9,000 for the project through art sales. With the Transporter we were able to raise $2,200 through a kickstarter campaign and an additional $4,000 through art sales.

We have a plan to raise $3,000 – $5,000 through a kickstarter campaign and another $2-4k though art sales.

We’re asking for material costs for the project from BMorg and we’re looking to fundraise transportation, the studio fees, power and labor (artist fees) on our own. These artists fees are real costs. I have to hire out someone to make a 12ft triangular mold. We will be paying an engineer to help with the structural design and fabricate the support structures. Finally, we are going to hire out someone to help us fabricate the cube (wood or aluminum).

Since the goal is to make this gallery quality, there are real costs associated to the longevity of the project and the skills required to do so. I feel that if I can at least pay these people to make the project safe and have it last through 2-3 festival cycles, then the cost of doing so is worth it. Volunteers to help assemble the project is easy and doesn’t require heavily skilled laborers. Fabrication of this caliber is a different animal and requires skilled labors. Luckily, we have great resources within our community to help that are willing to work at a heavily reduced rate.


Polyhedra is a modular geometric sculpture in honor of the new discoveries made in mathematics and science. Although the cube and the stellated octahedron shapes are not new to mathematics, researchers have claimed to have invented a new class of equilateral convex polyhedra.

“Since Plato’s work, two other classes of equilateral convex polyhedra, as the collective of these shapes are called, have been found: Archimedean solids (including truncated icosahedron) and Kepler solids (including rhombic polyhedra). Nearly 400 years after the last class was described, researchers claim that they may have now invented a new, fourth class, which they call Goldberg polyhedra.” Source

Polyhedra falls into the Kepler solids category and worked as a stepping stone to the new findings.

‘Spiritually, the Merkabah (stellated octahedron or dual tetrahedra), also spelled Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.’ Source


Our crew has three years of experience in bringing large-scale art projects to Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man. The crew consists of a structural engineer, a mechanical engineer and a material industrial engineer.

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