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Once Upon a Time in LucidityGreat job on the lighting Dylan Cummings. Dre Day, Janet Lé Shé & Kari Jahner Santa Cruz…thank you for your amazing commitment, your extreme deciation and hard work. Mike Wong and Howard Moffett, thanks for getting that support structure in place. Thanks for your help and hostpitality Luke Holden and A.a. Metatron.

Posted by Liquid PXL on Tuesday, April 15, 2014


A 2014 Burning Man, Lucidity, and Lightning In a Bottle art project. 90% recycled from the Peace Wall.

The Transporter is made up of 16 hexagonal shaped glowing frames. Each frame will be 4ft x 4ft wide and 3 inches thick, interconnected by wooden spacers. The art project will be elevated to approximately 12ft  using a suspension pulley system supported by 4 aluminum poles.
The materials to make the project will be 90% recycled from our previous art project, The Peace Wall.

The frames will be constructed from wood and Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets. Each frame will also contain 90 LEDs that will illuminate the project at night.

There will be also be an interactive sound element that will affect the lighting of the entire piece. The Trasporter will react to the ambient music, transforming it into an impressive light show. The lighting design will be controlled by the ChipKit Uno32 (Arduino) device or an optional DMX controller.


Funds Raised

We raised another $3500 through a combination of a KickStarter Campaign and festival contributions.

The Crew

This art project is being built as a collaborative effort through the blood, sweat and laughter of: 

Abram Santa Cruz – Lead Conceptual Lead Artist
Mike Wong – Structural Engineer
Dylan Cummings – LED Technical Designer
Kari Jahner – Helping Hand/Builder
Dre McGee – Helping Hand/Builder
Janet Lé Shé – Helping Hand/Builder
Jensen Moon – Helping Hand/Builder
Howard Moffett – Helping Hand/Builder
Beth Moon – Helping Hand/Builder

 It couldn’t have been built with out you guys. Much Love!!! 

How Will The Transporter Be Constructed?

Proposed design for Luciditytransporter-expanded

IMG_20140309_100441_538 IMG_20140309_104313_361 IMG_20140309_101224_188IMG_20140309_140657_365

Alternate Designhoneycomb

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