Liquid PXL, led by Abram Santa Cruz, is based out of Los Angeles. We are a collective of artists, engineers, and kindred spirits on a mission to craft exhilarating and expansive interactive art installations. Our creative endeavors delve into the fascinating intersection of geometry and art, seamlessly intertwining to evoke a sense of tranquility and meditation through mesmerizing animations.

At Liquid PXL, our passion extends beyond aesthetics; we are committed to fostering communal joy in public spaces through immersive art experiences. Embracing a diverse array of LED technologies, our toolkit includes the ingenious fusion of Raspberry Pi devices and various LED controllers.

To breathe life into our visions, we harness the power of cutting-edge LED animation programs such as LED LABs, Mad Mapper, Resolume, and Madrix. Join us on a journey where technology meets artistry, and where the vibrant pulse of our installations invites people to unite in the shared appreciation of public spaces. Liquid PXL is not just a creative force; it’s a movement that transforms spaces into canvases, inviting all to explore the enchanting realm of interactive art.

Our journey ignited amidst the vibrant creativity of Burning Man in 2012, where our inaugural art project marked the inception of our story. Swiftly thereafter, we proudly showcased our creations at Lucidity and Lighting in a Bottle music festivals in 2013, setting the stage for an exciting artistic venture. Over the years, our passion has driven us to realize numerous awe-inspiring art installations, earning us esteemed recognition and art grants, notably including the prestigious Burning Man Arts Grants in 2016, 2021, and 2022.

Electric Dandelions at the Pier A - Hoboken, NJ

Electric Dandelions displayed from February 25 to June 1st in the Pier A Waterfront Park and Monroe Center Plaza New Jersey.
Burning Man 2022 - Las Vegas 2023

Designed and commissioned by Mathew Rosenblatt, fabricated by Liquid PXL, Peace Arrow is a 24ft tall giant sculpture of a peace sign with a 50ft long broken arrow supporting it.

Arrows that cross are symbols of friendship and when broken are symbols of peace. Together this installation represents the hope we have or the future of our planet.

2022 Firefly Music Festival

The River of Lights is a commissioned, light installation for the 2022 Firefly Music Festival. 160 light tubes create an overhead river of light that stretched 180ft. We elevated this LED sculpture with a custom netting that we rigged to the tree canopy above a walking path that connected the Main Stage area to the Nest Stage. This LED light tube installation is a modern, modular design and is highly dynamic in its lighting programming.

2021 & 2022 Firefly Music Festival

The Nest Stage consists of DJ booth light tube installation and hexagon lighting fixtures suspended above the dancefloor. We lined the DJ Booth with over 80 light tubes that create a soundwave design across the facade of the DJ Booth. Also, we hung six 18ft wide hexagon light pods 15ft above the dancefloor by rigging them to the tree canopy.

Snowmass - Aspen, Colorado December 2022 - 2023

Snowmass Luminescence, an interactive art and light display brought to you by Snowmass Tourism and Aspen Snowmass, will immerse you and your family in a dazzling world of light and art. Skip the Skittles Gondola ride between the Snowmass Mall and Base Village and, instead, stroll through an interactive series of LED illuminated walkways and arches that will ignite your senses. In addition, you can experience a large-scale interactive LED installations by acclaimed artists, Evolution Field by Matt McConnel, Lumiverse Transporter and Electric Dandelion by Liquid PLX.

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Lumiverse Transporter was also one of many art installations exhibited at Lighting in a Bottle Music Festival. We have been exhibiting our LED art installations at LIB and many other music festivals for the past 12 years.

Art installation in new music video by Ricky Martin and Paloma Mami, "Que Rico Fuera."
Scottsdale | Nov 6 - 15, 2020

Services We Offer

We can fabricate your art sculpture from concept to installation. We offer the following art creation services:

Art Leasing
CAD design
Conceptual Imaging
Aesthetic Design
Lighting Design
Custom LED Programming
Laser Cutting (Metal and Wood)
Transportation Advice (Domestic and International)
Custom DJ Booths
Art Car Design

We managed, fabricated, shipped and installed three art sculptures for Toronto artist, Mathew Rosenblatt (Rosenblatt Studios): Peace Arrow, Symbolic Peace and Life Puzzle.


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