It Takes Teamwork

It Takes Teamwork

An LA Based Art Collective

Liquid PXL is a Los Angeles based group of artists, engineers and friends dedicated to creating fun and large scale interactive art installations. We began with our first big art project at Burning Man in 2012 followed by our first music festival exhibit at Lucidity in 2013. Since then, we’ve completed 5 art installations with The Sea Urchin awarded the 2016 Global Arts Grant from Burning Man and the 2019 Aquarium of the Pacific Grant. Most recently, Kukulkan’s Portal was awarded the 2020 Burning Man Honoraria Grant. Several of our led light installations have exhibited in international light festivals.

For any inquiries please email us at or call us at 310.612.7926.

Art Design100%
Art Fabrication95%
LED Lighting Design100%
Fabrication Management 100%
Abram Santa Cruz - Los Angeles Burning Man Artist

Abram Santa Cruz

Founder, Lead Artist and Conceptual Designer

Abram’s work draws from his many years as a graphic designer, photographer and painter. By combining photography with painting and lighting, Abram has created works that are bold, bright, yet intense. While staying focused on his strengths, Abram is always searching for ways to enhance and exceed his own high creative standards. He is taking a new direction in his large scale burning man artwork by combining his multiple disciplines and skills with sustainability. Abram is currently enrolled in school in Los Angeles and working toward a degree in Environmental Science. His aim is to create works of art that produce sustainable energy while also providing a social benefit of beautifying a public space and educating people about sustainability.

Charles Dusastre - Burning Man, LED Artist

Charles Dusastre

LED & Electrical Engineer

As an electric car battery engineer, Charles capitalized on his extensive electrical and programming background to create robust and eye-catching LED lighting systems. Mastering many disciplines is essential to creating highly reliable and functional LED interactive lighting displays.

Michelle Saizon - Charlie the Unicorn, Dirty Beetles, Burning Man

Michelle Saizon

General Builder

Michelle came into this position wanting to get more experience in building big art. She was the lead organizer of Charlie the Unicorn Art Car (Burning Man) and brings a lot of enthusiasm to the job. She’s willing to learn and willing to put in the hours. Her skills now include electrical work, cutting wood, light metal fabrication and painting.

Topher McDaniel - Dirty Beetles, Burning Man Artist

Topher McDaniel

Laser Cutter and Builder

Topher is an LA based artist and builder. He’s an expert in laser-cutting of metal, wood and acrylic materials and he’s skilled in modeling and prototyping. He’s also one of the lead organizers of the Dirty Beetles Art Car.

Victor Segura - Dirty Beetles, Burning Man Artist

Victor Segura

General Builder

Victor brings muscle, smiles, and music to the job. He’s an all around handyman on the job and is always down to help a friend. He’s recently started a career in Real Estate where his honesty as a human will help others find a home. His home is on the Black Rock Desert as with many of us. He’s also one of the main builders for the Dirty Beetles.


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