Canal Convergence seeks to challenge artists to find our collective common ground through public art. For Canal Convergence 2020, we endeavor to address themes of inclusion, communication, collaboration, and community engagement alongside our perennial focus on Water + Art + Light, sustainability, and water conservation.

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The sea urchins spines light up with multicolored LED lights at night.

The Aquarium unveiled a new art installation on its front plaza on November 27. The massive sculpture of a sea urchin with spines that light up at night was created by a group of artists and engineers called Liquid PXL, led by lead artist and local resident Abram Santa Cruz. One of the members is a volunteer diver at the Aquarium and was inspired by the Aquarium’s animals to create the sculpture.

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“Kukulkan’s Portal,” by American artist Abram Santa Cruz, is made up of a giant acrylic merkaba (a Hebrew symbol consisting of two intersecting tetrahedrons) enclosed in an aluminum frame. It’s full of spiritual references: the merkaba represents a higher consciousness, and the design references Kukulkan, the Mayan serpent to be the portal between the physical and spiritual worlds:

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