Electric Dandelions at Seaport District NYC

Electric Dandelions at Seaport District NYC

The latest sculpture to arrive in the Seaport District is a tribute to the fleeting joy of fireworks. With their giant steel and acrylic dandelion flowers—the Electric Dandelions—artist Abram Santa Cruz and LA-based art collective Liquid PXL have transformed the inexplicable beauty of fireworks into an endless display, lighting up the sky night after night.

The 10 elegant 28-foot structures—resembling innocent flowers in the daytime—feature 41 light tubes that crop out from a spherical center, allowing LED animations to work their magic when the sun goes down.

Electric Dandelions was first created at Lucidity Music Festival in 2016, and the sculptures have made tour stops at Burning Man, the Toronto Light Festival and Jerusalem Festival of Light. Now, Santa Cruz and Liquid PXL, in collaboration with Art House Live and Fired Up Management, bring Electric Dandelions to Lower Manhattan, brightening up the winter evenings and bringing a kaleidoscope of joy to the Seaport.

Curated by Art House Live and Fired-up Management

Electric Dandelions is on display at 19 Fulton Street through April 30, 2021.