Lumiverse Transporter

Night of Lights, Mammoth, 2023

Lumiverse Transporter

Scottsdale, AZ Nov - Dec 2023

Experience the enchantment of Lumiverse Transporter, a captivating multimedia LED light installation featuring sixteen 12ft tall towers. Immerse yourself in a 15-minute audio-visual journey, where the harmonious blend of nature sounds and experimental electronic music is complemented by a mesmerizing light show. Step into a world of illuminated wonder with your loved ones and explore an interactive LED light forest that heightens your senses.

Light Forrest, a Version of Lumiverse, was featured at Canal Convergence in Scottsdale on the Soleri Bridge for two months. This is a custom Christmas Light show we created for their Christmas activation after the main event. We combined experimental sounds with traditional christmas songs and a dazzling light spectacle.

Originally showcased at Snowmass Luminescence, a dynamic art and light festival curated by Snowmass Tourism and Aspen Snowmass, Lumiverse Transporter has also graced the picturesque setting of Canal Convergence in Scottsdale, AZ. Perfect for weddings, concerts, event spaces, light festivals, and music festivals, these towers elevate any occasion with their immersive light and sound experience. Illuminate your events with Lumiverse Transporter for an unforgettable and magical atmosphere.

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Lumiverse Transporter was also one of many art installations exhibited at Lighting in a Bottle Music Festival. We have been exhibiting our LED art installations at LIB and many other music festivals for the past 12 years.

Technical Specs

Footprint: 2ft x 2ft each (16 Total)
Height: 10 ft – 12ft
Electrical Draw: 6,000watts (700 Watts Each)
Weight: 1500 lbs
Heavy Equipment: None
Other Notes: Needs either a Ballast Box or lag bolts to secure the light towers to the ground.

Past and Current Exhibits

2023 Snowmass Luminescence, Colorado
2023 Lighting in a Bottle
2023 Heatwave Music Festival, Chicago
2023 Canal Convergence, Scottsdale
2023 Night of Lights, Mammoth