Winged Turtle

A Love Burn 2024 Art Project

Winged Turtle

A Love Burn 2024 Art Project

Coming to Love Burn 2024

We're installed a permanent installation for Love Burn 2024. The "Winged Turtle", designed by Lolo Garner and build by Liquid PXL, is placed in the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park as part of the Turtle Sanctuary.

Technical Specs

Footprint: 22ft long x 15ft at base
Height: 20 ft
Electrical Draw: 1,000watts
Weight: 10,500 lbs
Heavy Equipment: Reach Fork and Boom/Scissor-lift

Physical Description

The Winged Turtle,  by Logo Garner (a Mallorca based international artist), is a large metal structure, 16ft tall x 16ft wide x 25ft long, that will also be perceived as an architectural element under which walkable spaces are generated.

The Winged Turtle is meant to look like an angelic or celestial being.

Made of thin repurposed aluminum sheet metal on a steel frame. We’ll paint it with a finish that mixes purple tones with coppery greens, providing a distinctive color palette. The Turtle will be illuminated by projection lighting on the ground.


The Turtle cannot continue living in the sea full of plastic, so it develops wings and flies away. In this form, she evolves into a higher being and leaves her home to come to Black Rock City, where it becomes a walkable temple, in which humans can experience how small they are in comparison to Mother Nature, which stands above her. The spectator feels small inside a big turtle, inside a big desert. Man is no longer a superior being that controls nature, instead humans flee from the environmental damage man has created.. The work is a manifesto for the protection of the oceans, which deteriorate due to human action. On the other hand, it represents the ultimate triumph of nature over man, who cannot completely subdue it, as the animal evolves and becomes stronger. Man will never win the final battle against nature.


The Winged Turtle, designed by Lolo Garner and built by Liquid PXL, will be created by a small village of international artists comprising of men and women. We welcome all races, cultures and genders to participate in our project. The theme speaks to all people across the planet as our environmental damage is that of all people on the planet, thus we strive to educate all people regardless of their backgrounds.

We will be using as much recycled, used or repurposed metal as possible. We’ll collectively come up with solutions to achieve this.