Symbolic Peace - a 10ft tall peace sign light sculpture with light.

Symbolic Peace

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Symbolic Peace is a 10ft tall Peace Sign light sculpture with many meaningful religious and non religious symbols laser cut on both facades. Inspired by the strength of diversity in lives and our cities, the sculpture is representative of individuals and communities living together in harmony, despite their superficial differences. The sculpture’s aspiration is to […]

Peace Arrow

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Designed and commissioned by Mathew Rosenblatt, fabricated by Liquid PXL, Peace Arrow is a 24ft tall giant sculpture of a peace sign with a 50ft long broken arrow supporting it.
Peace Arrow - a 2022 Burning Man Art Project
River of Lights installation at 2022 Firefly Music Festival

River of Lights

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The River of Lights is a commissioned light installation for the 2022 Firefly Music Festival. 160 light tubes create an overhead river of light that stretched 180ft. We elevated this LED sculpture with a custom netting that we rigged to the tree canopy above a walking path that connected the Main Stage area to the […]

Life Puzzle (Ankh)

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Life Puzzle is a 15ft tall steel, symbol of an Ankh (life). This light sculpture was originally built for Burning Man in 2019 and then made its way to the Toronto Light Festival. This light art installation was designed and commissioned by Mathew Rosenblatt and fabricated by Liquid PXL.
Life Puzzle (Ankh) - A 2019 Burning Man Art Project
LED Art Project, Art Show, Lumiverse Transporter, Light Forrest

Lumiverse Transporter

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Lumiverse Transporter is an immersive LED light and sound synced show consisting of sixteen 12ft tall light towers that will lead you on a 15 minute, hypnotic, audio-visual journey.

Kukulkan’s Portal

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Kukulkan’s Portal is a 2021 and 2022 Burning Man art honoraria grantee. This light installation first debuted at the 2020 Toronto Light Festival and has been featured in Ricky Martin's music video "Que Rico Fuerra." This massive LED art project is composed of two geometric shapes, an acrylic merkaba (stellated octahedron) enclosed in an aluminum […]

Electric Dandelions

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The Electric Dandelions are 27ft tall steel, polycarbonate, and LED light sculptures that represent a dandelion flower during the day and come to life at night as an endless firework display. They made their debut at Lucidity and Burning Man in 2016. With a beautiful and elegant design, their spherical shape is attributed to the […]

Sea Urchin

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The Sea Urchin is a massive sculpture of a sea urchin with spines that light up at night. Abram Santa Cruz was inspired to make this art sculpture as a result of being a dive volunteer at the Aquarium. His dedication toward ocean sustainability and the preservation of sea animals inspired him to create the […]
Sea Urchin - A 2016 Burning Man Global Arts Grant Honaria