Lighting in a Bottle
Electric Dandelions, Burning Man art, LED firework light sculpture.

Electric Dandelions

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Introducing our Electric Dandelions: magnificent sculptures crafted from sturdy steel, translucent polycarbonate, and vibrant LEDs. By day, these towering structures captivate with their representation of a dandelion in full bloom. However, as the sun sets, they transform into a breathtaking spectacle—an ever-changing fireworks display that enchants the night. Standing proudly at 28 feet, these light […]

Sea Urchin

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The Sea Urchin is a massive sculpture of a sea urchin with spines that light up at night. Abram Santa Cruz was inspired to make this art sculpture as a result of being a dive volunteer at the Aquarium. His dedication toward ocean sustainability and the preservation of sea animals inspired him to create the […]
Sea Urchin - A 2016 Burning Man Global Arts Grant Honaria