Electric Dandelions, Burning Man art, LED firework light sculpture.

Electric Dandelions

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Introducing our Electric Dandelions: magnificent sculptures crafted from sturdy steel, translucent polycarbonate, and vibrant LEDs. By day, these towering structures captivate with their representation of a dandelion in full bloom. However, as the sun sets, they transform into a breathtaking spectacle—an ever-changing fireworks display that enchants the night. Standing proudly at 28 feet, these light […]

Sea Urchin

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The Sea Urchin is a massive sculpture of a sea urchin with spines that light up at night. Abram Santa Cruz was inspired to make this art sculpture as a result of being a dive volunteer at the Aquarium. His dedication toward ocean sustainability and the preservation of sea animals inspired him to create the […]
Sea Urchin - A 2016 Burning Man Global Arts Grant Honaria
Burning Man Art in LA, California

The Peace Wall

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Our first big art installation took place at Burning Man in 2012. It was the Peace Wall. Most walls are built to seperate people, but the Peace Wall was built to bring people together. The Peace Wall is a half-circle, 50 ft. in diameter and 8 ft. tall. On the 'inside wall', an original painting […]


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A 2014 Burning Man, Lucidity, and Lightning In a Bottle art project. 90% recycled from the Peace Wall.
Transporter Burning Man Art Installation at Lighting in a Bottle