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Burning Man Art for Lease and Sale

Take a look at our current portfolio to see what we have available. Our Burning Man art installations are available for rent and for purchase. Currently we have three big art installations available for rent or purchase: Kukulkan’s Portal, Electric Dandelions & the Sea Urchin. We’re based out of Los Angeles, but we can deliver and install the art domestically in the US or internationally. We’re familiar with the international standards of shipping and transportation and have installed art as far as Israel.

Please contact or call 310.612.7926 to inquire about our current availability and pricing.

Art Fabrication

We can fabricate your art sculpture from concept to installation. We offer the following art creation services:

  • CAD design
  • Conceptual Imaging
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Custom LED Programming
  • Laser Cutting (Metal and Wood)
  • Transportation Advice (Domestic and International)
  • Installation
  • Art Car Design

We managed, fabricated, shipped and installed two art sculptures for Toronto artist, Mathew Rosenblatt (Rosenblatt Studios): Symbolic Peace and Life Puzzle.

LED Lighting Design

If you have a built art project or a concept in mind, we can help you with the lighting design. This can include consulting on what types of LED’s to use with which controllers in order to meet your vision. We can  custom make lighting patterns on devices such as Arduino’s and Falcon Boards using computer driven software, iPad and iPhone driven apps, or from the on-board memory playlist.

Custom DJ Booths

We can design and build a DJ booth with music reactive software and live performance manipulation capabilities.

TEL +1 310.612.7926

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